My name is Erik Stolze.  A German born photographer currently residing in Chicago, IL.  My travels have taken me to North America, South America, Central America, Europe, and Northern Africa.  In all of my travels I have taken photographs on my excursions.  My hope is to document the cultures I see and landscape in all of its lush beauty with my camera.

I prefer to travel with a minimum of photographic equipment in my bag (usually one 35mm SLR Body and very few zoom lenses). Therefore I rely on the stillness of my hand rather than a tripod.

Over the years, I developed a growing interest in black & white photography and the traditional "wet-process" developing techniques.   As a founding member of Atelier Kunstst├╝ck, an artists' studio project in Berlin,  I built a proper darkroom for myself and the other artists to use.  We continue to exhibit our work and the work of other artists we like in the Atelier Kunstst├╝ck Gallery.

This website has samples of my photography.  Have a look at them and visit my contact page if you would like to email me.

Thank you,
Erik Stolze

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